Writers do make a difference…

This is such a moving essay: Stephen King: An Unlikely Lifeline In Turbulent Waters | Tor.com. Even if you are predisposed not to like Stephen King, he is undeniably an author who tells the truth. And an author who tells the truth is an author who can make a difference, especially in the lives of young readers.

I also discovered Stephen King when I was a pre-teen reader, and I have always strongly connected with his books. It’s not the horror and gore that draw me, but the characters, who always seem like very real people, and how they react when the uncontrollable and unfathomable occur in their lives. King shows his readers the horrors of the world and the horrors that live deep in the souls of our fellow humans, but he also shows us what humanity can strive to be.

Currently reading Doctor Sleep.

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2 thoughts on “Writers do make a difference…

  1. I remember my 19-year-old self reading “It” while in SEAL training back in 1990, at San Clemente Island, standing the midwatch with my M16, hearing the real seals (as in sea mammals) barking in the dark surf below, and feeling pretty terrified, of a clown somewhere in the night. Thanks, Stephen King, for using illusion to dash illusions, in this case the illusion that I was equal to the truly horrific and impenetrably dark in life.

  2. Another life-long King fan here, you’re right about his characters. They seem like real people with my thoughts and fears and failings and such. I can so strongly identify with his characters – he’s an amazing writer!

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