Imagining a world without men…

On my blog Sci Femme, I have have posted a survey of feminist utopian visions. Hope you enjoy.


The 2016 Tournament of Books…

I follow the Morning News’ Tournament of Books every year. It’s always a fun competition, even when–like this year–I haven’t read any of the books chosen. I usually add at least a couple of the selections to my always-growing TBR list based on the guest reviewer’s comments throughout the tournament.

Colonel Brandon has passed away…


So sad to see that Alan Rickman has died. His movies have given me many hours of pleasure. We just had our traditional Christmas viewing of Die Hard. He will be missed.


Patricia Highsmith, misanthrope…


I explore my reactions to two of Highsmith’s thrillers and her cynical view of human nature in this essay on my blog Noir Femme.

Another Blog Reboot

An Empty Earth is another project blog of mine that I’m reviving. It is mostly a bibliography of apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, with my notes. There are also some older essays about these genres, as well as essential reading lists. Check it out.

Dr. Frankenstein, bad dad…

I just reread Mary Shelley’s gothic horror masterwork, Frankenstein, which inspired more thoughts about her monster, his creator, and the genre Shelley helped shape. Read it on my blog Noir Femme.


Recommended: Slade House by David Mitchell

Just posted my review of David Mitchell’s latest novel, Slade House, on my book review blog. Recommended for fans of the haunted house genre.