The New York Times’ Lens blog tried an experiment…

Our moment in time

Our moment in time.

On Sunday, May 2, the New York Times’ Lens blog tried an experiment. They asked readers to take a photograph of wherever they were or whatever they were doing at the same moment on May 2 (11 a.m. for us) and send them in. Then they compiled the photos into a worldwide (and extraterrestrial — the Mars Rover sent in a photo, as well) moment, which you can interactively play with here.

Our son and our dog is in there, somewhere. (That’s the photo we submitted above — a little blurry, but so are our Sunday mornings.)

A Moment in Time, a selection of submitted photos and read more about the experiment (Lens Blog)

Update: Here is our photo!

Update 2: Here is the Mars Rover photo!

A celebration of eggs, chickens and spring…


OMG it’s chickens! Bowk bowk!

Yesterday was a celebration of eggs, chickens and spring at our local farmers market. Kudos to the promoters for getting the people out on a chilly March morning to view the chickens, dye and buy eggs, and patronize local farmers and craftspeople. I myself came away with a dozen farm-fresh eggs, an artisanal baguette (which has now been fully devoured), a bag of braising greens and a jar of lime curd.

My son got his first look at an actual chicken. This drove him to madness, as he ran around like the proverbial just-executed chicken, shouting “bowk bowk.” What a discovery: The pictures in the books are real! Just wait till he goes to the zoo next month and gets to see a real live elephant. I expect he’ll faint or poop his pants (or both).

More photos here.