Who is Shannon?

I am and have been many things: a writer; a mother; a geek; an activist. Also, a software developer, a project manager, an editor, an entrepreneur and a perpetual student.

Over the course of my working life, I have: started and sold a web design company; published books about the Internet, college financing, voodoo and monsters; copy-edited a local arts rag; shepherded a nonprofit‘s intranet through several iterations; and managed an open source software development project.

Right now, I am helping to build community and start conversations about using technology to improve the world, transform work and create positive change. I write content for blogs and other websites, primarily for iHRIS, an open source software development project. I have recently published pieces on Blogcritics, The Huffington Post, IAM Learning and Flashlight-Worthy Book Recommendations. I also keep two other blogs, Books Worth Reading, my reading journal, and Simply Cooking, where I document my endeavors in the kitchen.

For more about me, please see my CV.

- Shannon Turlington
emailshannon.turlington AT gmail.com

One thought on “Who is Shannon?

  1. Hey Shannon…

    Wondering if you would consider becoming a contributor on my new fledgling blog loverofbooks.wordpress.com? Check it out first. Excuse the user name, I’ve had it since twelve…

    E-mail me at wordpresslob@gmail.com

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