Corporations have rights, women not so much…

So, this is going around Twitter today:

I have seen a lot of comments about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, such as women can pay for their own birth control or not all birth control methods were excluded, just a few. They are all missing the fundamental point, which is that this decision, and a whole slew of other legislation targeting abortion rights and access to birth control, does not acknowledge that women are fundamentally people.

Women are seen first and foremost as potential baby-making devices. This one biological fact trumps everything else, including other health issues that a woman may have that don’t have anything to do with making babies or women’s ability to make their own decisions about their own health care, without interference from their (male) employers, (male) legislators, or the (male) majority of the Supreme Court.

For example, one of the devices that Hobby Lobby objects to on religious grounds is the IUD. Well, detractors say, women can use the pill instead, or a condom. However, the IUD’s only purpose is not birth control. It has other uses in women’s health beyond birth control, and the pill and condoms cannot substitute in those cases. The IUD is also very expensive, and it requires a medical procedure to put in place. This should be covered under health insurance, like all other medical procedures.

Why should employers or Supreme Court judges, who clearly do not have a medical degree and don’t know beans about women’s health, be dictating what kinds of medical devices women can and can’t have access to? Why do they think they know better than a woman and her doctor? Because babies, that’s why.

Why are women so upset about this decision, even women who don’t work for Hobby Lobby, or who don’t need these medical devices? Because once again it’s been affirmed that beyond making babies, women have no other function. A woman’s rights or medical needs mean nothing in comparison.

Until women are viewed as full people, with agency over every aspect of their lives, bodies, and health, women will not have achieved equality. Unfortunately, it’s all too clear that in this country, despite all our gains, women are still viewed as nothing more than life support systems for wombs.