Ursula K. Le Guin kicks ass…

Ursula K. Le Guin once again proves why she is one of my favorite authors of all time by taking down Oregon’s largest newspaper for their uncritical story of the occupation of public lands by armed militia. Read her epic letter to the editor here.

Recommended Reading: Daughter of Fortune

Recommended this week: Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende, a completely engaging story of a woman’s adventure of self-discovery during the Gold Rush period. Read my full review on my blog, Books Worth Reading.

All Play And No Work…

This is a great piece by Neal Pollack about writing and The Shining (book and movie), and it also touches on the “calm the fuck down” parenting method, which we have adopted in our household as well: All Play And No Work: Neal Pollack Watches ‘The Shining’ On Netflix With His 13-Year-Old Son 

True story. When The Shining first came out, I saw a commercial for it on TV, and I was terrified that my parents would make me go see it. If you knew my parents, you’d know that this was not such a far-fetched fear. I was 9 when it came out.

It’s one of my favorite movies now, by the way.

Recommended Reading: The Water Knife



This week I’m recommending The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi. It’s a thriller wrapped up in a dystopia, a realistic and frightening vision of the havoc climate change might wreak on the American Southwest. Read my full review on my blog, Books Worth Reading.

A foundational reading list…

I promise that this is the absolute last reading list I will post. Ha ha, no.

Seriously, I have put together a list of what I consider foundational reading, 60 books published between 1810-2010, that have inserted themselves permanently into our cultural consciousness. It’s not a perfect reading list. None of them are. But I think it’s doable, and a pretty good place to start a lifetime of reading.

Go check it out.

The 2016 Tournament of Books…

I follow the Morning News’ Tournament of Books every year. It’s always a fun competition, even when–like this year–I haven’t read any of the books chosen. I usually add at least a couple of the selections to my always-growing TBR list based on the guest reviewer’s comments throughout the tournament.

Colonel Brandon has passed away…


So sad to see that Alan Rickman has died. His movies have given me many hours of pleasure. We just had our traditional Christmas viewing of Die Hard. He will be missed.