Capacity Project ends

My former employer, IntraHealth International, recently held a multimedia expo and day-long event called “It Takes a Workforce: Improving Global Health Services” to mark the end of their five-year project to strengthen the global health workforce, the Capacity Project.

The Capacity Project was also a major part of my life over the last five years, as I was a member of the human resources information systems strengthening team, which developed open source HRIS software and deployed it in several countries in Africa. According to USAID, the funder of the Capacity Project, HRIS strengthening was one of the significant contributions of the project, laying the groundwork for future health systems strengthening.

According to all reports, the event and expo was very successful. Please go read more about it on the HRIS Strengthening team’s blog.

3 responses to “Capacity Project ends”

  1. And last night we learned we got the follow on. Yay!

  2. Whoa, congrats! You are the first to tell me.

  3. […] Capacity Project ends ( […]

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