The care and feeding of an introvert…

We introverts are much misunderstood and maligned creatures. An introvert is a person who feels drained when they are with other people too long and who recharges from being alone. Extraverts, on the other hand (and there are so many more of you), recharge from being around other people and can’t stand being alone. Yes, we introverts get tired just being around you people.

If you have an introvert in your life, know that we don’t require all that much, just a little support and understanding. Please know that we are not being “stuck up” or “cold” or “brainiacs.” We are not “too sensitive” and we don’t need to stop being so sensitive. We like to read; it doesn’t make us weird, and we don’t love books more than you (well, maybe we do). We need our space, but truly, we are OK — you don’t need to keep asking.

We introverts may not be very pleasant to talk to on the phone, but we’re trying. It’s already hard enough to be social in person; talking on the phone deserves a special circle in hell. We can’t see you, you see, and that enhances all the usual difficulties of conversation. The awkward pauses just get awkward-er. We will always, always answer your emails, though. Unless we just don’t like you.

Another realm of hell should be reserved for the meeting. It is inconceivable to us that so many people would want to spend hours shut up in little rooms drawing on whiteboards and achieving absolutely nothing. We just want to get on with our work. Why won’t you let us?

Please, if you know an introvert, be kind to him or her today. Make a cup of tea, give your introvert a book and leave him or her the hell alone.

Caring for Your Introvert (The Atlantic)

2 responses to “The care and feeding of an introvert…”

  1. loved ur post, really introverts are very normal as opposed to what most of the people think…….thanks

  2. […] hate labeling people, but this one sounds really familiar. Tweet(function() { var po = document.createElement('script'); po.type = […]

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