This is a new one…

No-spam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments on all my blogs masquerading as real comments. I can tell they’re spam because the comments are generic or unrelated to the post, or they make absolutely no sense whatsoever, or they ask me about my blog’s design or something random like that. And they have an unrelated URL in the address field. So I’ve been marking them as spam. It’s been getting so bad that it doesn’t seem like I am getting any legitimate comments anymore, and I’ve pretty much stopped checking comments except once a week or so.

Today, I got a spam comment asking me what I do about all the spam on my blog. I could tell it was spam because it was totally generic and also there was the unrelated link. That’s a twist. How meta of the spammers.

Seriously, have personal blogs had it? I don’t seem to update mine all that regularly anymore, because I’m doing other things. But it is nice to have this one place on the web that’s mine and that comes up in Google searches for my name.

Periodically, I question what I should do with this space. No real answers yet.

2 responses to “This is a new one…”

  1. Even with Akimet installed, I’ve been getting the same thing on the blog that I host myself. Akismet was doing great for a long time though.

  2. I also have Akismet installed. Clearly, this is a workaround that has hit the spamming market big time.

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