Rooms by Lauren Oliver | Books Worth Reading

Here’s an autumnal book for you! Rooms by Lauren Oliver is a different take on the classic haunted house story. The house in question is haunted by two women whose spirits have essentially merged with the house and can observe–even experience, in a sense–everything that happens inside. When Richard Walker, who owns the house, dies, his estranged, extremely dysfunctional family returns to clean up the place. There is a suicidal teen, his sex-addicted sister, and their alcoholic mom. Essentially, this is a family drama with ghosts–not scary, more sad.

2 responses to “Rooms by Lauren Oliver | Books Worth Reading”

  1. I haven’t read any Lauren Oliver books yet, but I want to. Have you read Before I Fall? If so, would you recommend starting with that one or Rooms (which sounds very intriguing, by the way).

  2. I think Lauren Oliver is mostly known for YA books, which I don’t usually care for. Rooms is an adult novel, definitely. I haven’t read Before I Fall and am not likely to,so I guess it depends on how much you like YA.

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