On Pandering: How to Write Like a Man

What an amazing essay by Claire Vaye Watkins. Her novel Gold Fame Citrus is on my “I need to read this soon” list.

A taste:

Let us embrace a do-it-yourself canon, wherein we each make our own canon filled with what we love to read, what speaks to us and challenges us and opens us up, wherein we can each determine our artistic lineages for ourselves, with curiosity and vigor, rather than trying to shoehorn ourselves into a canon ready made and gifted us by some white fucks at Oxford.

Read: On Pandering | Tin House

One response to “On Pandering: How to Write Like a Man”

  1. Reblogged this on Mirymom's Blog and commented:
    I’m going to have to check into this writer, too. Lots to think about.

    My own book fails a reverse Bechdel test (there aren’t many men and they don’t talk to each other), so I guess I’m not pandering. Does that mean it won’t succeed? Guess we’ll find out.

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