Stephen King’s IT Parade: The Booklist Reader

Anybody getting excited for the new movie adaptation of IT? I am not sure it will be as good as The Gunslinger, but my hopes are high, as IT is probably the Stephen King book I have read more than any other. (Its competition is The Stand–I can’t remember which one I’ve read more times.) I don’t quite feel up to rereading all 1,000+ pages again in anticipation of the movie, but I don’t have to because Daniel Kraus is doing it for me and posting nice weekly analyses. Stephen King’s IT Parade is author/editor Daniel Kraus’s 10-week journal of re-reading King’s classic. Join him on this long (very long) journey, if you dare.

Source: Stephen King’s IT Parade, Week 2: Who’s the Author of This Book? : The Booklist Reader

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