Analysis and thoughtful writing not endangered after all…

I like this take from Clive Thompson on how the blog, once a literal log of Websites, is now becoming a forum for longer, in-depth analysis once reserved for magazines and newspapers. His thesis is that Twitter and similar tools have replaced the quick link-sharing function once served by blogs, and that these social networks also provide a more appropriate place for instant reactions to news and stories — the “short take,” as he calls it. So more thoughtful analysis has moved to the blog. What really suffers, he posits, is the “middle take,” once provided by weekly newsmagazines like Time and Newsweek, but probably unnecessary in our wired world.

I see this at work in my own blogging and online sharing. I tend to confine links and thoughts “of the moment” — such as breaking news and reactions to it, or something that’s momentarily funny — to “short-take” forums like Twitter and StumbleUpon. I reserve more thoughtful pieces for sharing on my blog and preserving in Delicious.

But for truly long-form writing, such as essays, short stories and book-length writing, I return to paper. I still can’t stomach reading anything much longer than a typical blog post on the computer screen. Maybe if I had an iPad?

Read: Clive Thompson on How Tweets and Texts Nurture In-Depth Analysis | Magazine.

3 responses to “Analysis and thoughtful writing not endangered after all…”

  1. The iPad is a game changer for longer form stuff because it’s so easy on the eyes, but I would have agreed completely with the print-only opinion not more than a year ago. That shows us how fast times change…

    But yeah, I have been really enjoying the (effective) discussions that I’m having both at my own blog and others. Years ago, blogging was over-hyped, but it turns out that, yes, it is a verbal conversation, only in written form, spread out over X-amount of time. The fuller discussions born of this are way more interesting than the periodicals I used to – but now don’t – care about.

  2. I still love the blog because it gives me an outlet that was previously inadequately covered by journaling. What blogging brings it the chance for others to read what I write and converse with me about it, whereas my journals are for my eyes only.

    I have been toying with the idea of getting an iPad. I guess I don’t feel yet like I really need one.

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