Analysis and thoughtful writing not endangered after all…

I like this take from Clive Thompson on how the blog, once a literal log of Websites, is now becoming a forum for longer, in-depth analysis once reserved for magazines and newspapers. His thesis is that Twitter and similar tools have replaced the quick link-sharing function once served by blogs, and that these social networks … Continue reading Analysis and thoughtful writing not endangered after all…


Practical uses for blogs: Journals and research notebooks

The blog has become so popular because it is a format that has a wide variety of uses. Generally, web surfers are used to seeing blogs used in one of the following ways: to present information and news on a narrow subject in small, manageable chunks, generally supported by advertising to communicate news about a … Continue reading Practical uses for blogs: Journals and research notebooks

On blog titles and band names

I was idly looking through the search terms that got people over to this blog when I found the perfect blog name: Shannon's Blog of Knowledge. Too bad that other Shannon got to it first, but I will not rip it off, even though I love it. I am still dissatisfied with my own blog's … Continue reading On blog titles and band names