The feminist dystopia…

I have posted a survey of feminist dystopian visions. I hope you enjoy.


Great writing for weekend reading…

Here’s a roundup of great writing found on the Internet in recent days…

Imagining a world without men…

I have have posted a survey of feminist utopian visions. Hope you enjoy.


Recommended Reading: Daughter of Fortune

Recommended this week: Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende. Set against the backdrop of the mad rush to California in search of gold, Allende reveals history through the eyes of the people who lived it but don’t usually get to tell the story: women and non-whites. She creates a diverse and three-dimensional world that feels both real and different from the stories we usually get to hear. Eliza’s journey of self-discovery absolutely swept me away.

Ta-Nehesi Coates on Bill Cosby…

In fact, there is no real difference in claiming that a woman in an unmarried man’s hotel room forgoes the right to her body, and asserting that a black boy wearing a hoodie forgoes the right to his. Brutality is brutality, and it always rests on a bed of lies.

Piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic on black men defending Bill Cosby and the fictions we create to justify brutality: Bill Cosby and Black Lives Matter – The Atlantic.

12 Historical Women Who Gave No F*cks

These are just some of the women who, historically speaking, didn’t give a single fuck. They are my heroes. 2016: the year of not giving a fuck.

Source: 12 Historical Women Who Gave No F*cks

Subvert the dominant paradigm: link roundup

Here’s a roundup of online reading I’ve been doing lately around issues fo diversity, gender equality, and culture change. Enjoy!